Character Lessonz

Increase the value of your programs by referring to these monthly character lessons, which include parent letters, character drills, and a week-by-week layout. Updated Monnthly!

Age-Specific Materialz

This section is filled with age-specific material that generates results. From the leading children’s martial arts consultant, Melody Shuman will increase the value of your classes with these high-energy activities that target the stages of development. Updated Monthly!

Marketing and Retention Toolz

Never have a dull marketing campaign with these professionally designed pieces that are sure to make an impact. Updated Monthly!

How to Videoz

These “how to” videos will take you step-by-step through a variety of drills, activities, and classroom procedures.



FREE C4K Samples

These are fun and exciting ideas that are shared by your Concepts4kidz colleagues. Post your suggestions here and read what others are saying about their children’s programs.

Product Highlights

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Child Development Articlez

This section includes child behavior articles written by Melody Shuman. Working with children with certain behavioral characteristics may seem like a huge task, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these articles to help you and your staff plan, manage, and enjoy it!

Quick Tipz

This section includes comprehensive tips from Melody Shuman that cover a variety of quick ideas associate with teaching and training on the mat.


Kids will have a blast with these fun word searches, mazes, and coloring sheets that are perfect for take-home activities, day camps, ninja nights, and handouts at demonstrations.

Uniform and Product Suggestionz

As seen at On the Mat Martial Arts, these suggestions include ideas for uniforms, belts, and equipment that are sure to boost school spirit.


Instructor Certificationz


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